Do you want to sell more insurance? Then you need more prospects to reach. Aged leads are a great and cheap way to mail to a targeted list, call on the phone/dialer or  email. Speak to people that want to learn more about what you are selling. They offer many different types leads including Life, Health, Auto and many more types of leads.
Our leads come with postal, phone, and email allowing you to pursue a multi-channel marketing strategy including calling, emailing, and direct mail.

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I want to discuss "aged leads" and how to use them.


First let's understand what an aged lead is.

An Aged Lead is a lead that is 30, 60, 90 days or older that was already sold to others agents.

But to further explain, let me give you an example.



Bob went to a funeral and started thinking about his death and decides to go online and research more information about life insurance. He goes to Google and finds a couple of websites and puts in his information and it tells him that an agent will contact him soon with more information.


He probably goes to more than 1 website and enters his information.

What ends up happening is anywhere from 3 to 15 agents call him trying to sell him some insurance.

You can image that would drive you crazy. Most of the time they end up just saying never mind and doesn't buy anything.



Let me get back to how to use an age lead. One of a couple of things happens with the lead. The 1st is he bought some insurance. I hate to say this, but I find that a lot of the people that have bought insurance, bought the wrong insurance. Most don't even know that term insurance really means temporary insurance. I see people in their 20's buying a 10 year term plan and they have a 30 year mortgage and young children at home. They bought the insurance to cover their mortgage but so how the other agent end up talking them into a 10 year term. There is a good chance that person that they bought the insurance from is no longer in business or sold him the wrong thing. So what we want to do is review their policy to make sure they bought the right type of coverage and that they are not paying too much for the same type of coverage you can get them much cheaper with a better company.



Many if not most of them gave up on buying insurance or told the agents that they needed to think about it. After getting flooded by a ton of sales people I would say this too. After about 2 weeks, the agents stop calling the lead.



Now, 30 , 60 or 90 days goes by without having an agent call him again and giving him time to settle down, so to speak.


Then, we call him.   Hi Bob, I'm Mark Rosenthal and I see where you were asking more information about Life Insurance the other month and I'm calling to see if you were ever helped and make sure you were taken care of and make sure you didn't buy the wrong type of policy.


He may even say something like I'm still thinking about it.   Well Bob, let me ask you this. You went to a website or asked for more information because you wanted to protect something like your family, which is a great thing to do. Has that need changed? You have probably been thinking about doing this for a while and the best time to get the protection that you need is right now. The older you get the more it will cost you and the greater the chance you will get a pre existing conditions and not be able to buy the protection you need.  Aged Leads are much cheaper than regular leads and I think are better than most shared or Internet leads.


I once saw a TV show where a woman goes on a date with 8 guys at once and ends up with just one guy. There are several tv shows like this. But, I always think how hard it would be to be the winner. I hate to go on a date with a girl with 8 other guys. I like to be the only person on the date. I like it when all the other guys have given up and now it is just me and her.   This is how I like my leads also.





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Words from Troy Wilson, the owner of Agedleadstore.com

We have been offering aged leads for 14 years and have maintained an A+ BBB rating for the duration while proudly servicing thousands of clients. Our passion for disruptive innovation, integrity, and established vendor network have helped us to build a very strong brand name in the leads industry which has led to lot of repeat business and referrals. We make it our mission to provide not only the most aged leads, but also the best validated leads in the aged leads space. We are the only site out there where insurance agents can search a massive Internet leads database by a variety of filters to target their ideal customer profile, get counts and buy any they want online 24/7, and retrieve them instantly.

We not only provide the most and best leads the fastest but also provide insurance agents the education and tools they need to succeed with our aged leads. When our clients win we win and we go to great lengths to empower our clients to make as much money as possible from our leads. 


Our leads are all long form Internet generated financial quote requests and they come with phone, email, and postal address giving you 3 possible ways to connect with these motivated prospects. We give you the volume you need at a price you can afford so you can start winning the numbers game. We have a very flexible return policy and tend to do whatever it takes to keep you ordering week after week as our business model is built around repeat business and not churn and burn like so many of our competitors. 


We offer unmatched lead value in the aged leads space and have no real competition and at the rate we are growing that is unlikely to change anytime soon. 


We are proud to offer you a game-changing new way to grow your insurance agency cheaper and faster than ever thought possible with any other prospecting method. It’s the easiest to use, most powerful aged insurance lead delivery system ever designed combining advanced filtering capability, instant delivery, and cutting edge lead validation. You can set up an account and have instant access to over 40 million aged Internet health, life, home, and auto insurance leads, order any leads you want online, and have your sales floor contacting these prospects minutes later.
In October 2015 we may well add aged medicare supplement leads and aged annuity leads to AgedLeadStore also.


Our data cleansing and enhancement process ensures you do not receive: 


•Duplicates of leads we have sent you before 

•Invalid area codes or zip codes 

•Phones without 10 digits or emails without @ symbols 

•Bad words or obviously bogus leads
* Phones with invalid 1st 7 digits  


We Have the Volume to Fill Your Pipeline 

No more idle sales teams. No more scrounging for leads every week. No more searching for a reputable lead provider. 

We  have the relationships and agreements with top lead generation companies and vendors to acquire even more leads. So, don’t hesitate to call us with special requests or large volume lead orders–test us! While we do tend to stock an incredible amount of lead inventory, if we do not have the leads you want at the moment we will be happy to get them for you usually within hours. 

We have invested heavily in making your lead ordering simpler. We want to make sure you can get exactly the leads you want at a great price anytime you want them. We are readily available 8:00-6:00 pm PST to serve you. 

That’s just the beginning of our service to you. In addition to the automated leads platform we have millions of other leads in over 10 major lead verticals ready for delivery in our lead data warehouse. Let us know what your ideal prospect profile is and we will deliver you a lead data file that will fill your sales pipeline with qualified prospects. 

What’s more, we’ll do it with the friendliness and professionalism you should demand from a marketing partner. 

But, it doesn’t stop there… 

We are also continually fine tuning our vendor network, communicating with our clients, and attending industry leading conferences to find the best strategies, technologies, and resources to make sure our leads perform above your expectations. We want to make sure we not only get you the best leads but then arm you with the knowledge and tools needed to build an automated sales machine fueled by our leads that will allow you to squeeze as much money as possible out of our leads on a consistent basis. 


We Are Your Best Lead Partner 

That’s the mission. It really is that simple. We want to be your best (maybe even your only) lead partner. 

•We have the leads you need 

•We go to great effort to ensure quality 

•We have a very flexible return policy 

•We go over the top for the customer 

•We have been over-delivering for 14+ years 

•We are always improving 


Getting You the Internet Leads You Need 

At Next Wave Marketing Strategies we work hard building relationships with the best Internet marketers and lead generators in the business. All to fulfill our goal of building the largest, highest quality, and most diverse inventory of aged lead data on the Web. 

The best news of all…these aged leads are super cheap! 

Unlike many aged leads companies we are not a faceless, fly-by-night company. Troy Wilson, our founder and Captain, has been operating Next Wave since 2001. Our company has been carefully matching reputable, performing lead providers with legitimate financial services firms for over 10 years. 

We are proud of the earned reputation we bring to the market–superior lead value is represented in our high reorder rate, impressive testimonials, and tons of referrals from our clients. 

Troy Wilson 


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USE PROMO CODE :  rosenthal   to save 10% off of your order of $100 or more  





Matt Rosenthal





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